The latest addition to the Inverlussa Marine Services fleet has just been launched. The Helen Burnie, built to a unique design at Macduff Shipyards, is equipped with the latest technology to allow it to tackle everything, from specialist offshore windfarm and tidal survey work to traditional delivery contracts for our main fish farm clients.

Ben Wilson, Inverlussa's Operations Manager, said he believes renewable energy opportunities have a lot to offer far-flung communities. He said: "We think it's a good time to invest in the renewables sector and the boat has been built completely with renewables in mind, because we do feel it is a sector with vast potential. This is a state-of-the-art vessel, a total one-off design. It's got the latest winch system and the latest crane. It is a general purpose coastal supply vessel, available to assist with all the traditional marine service tasks which are the backbone of our business such as fish farm feed deliveries and dive support work, but it is also kitted out to work on the construction stage of tidal and offshore wind farm sites."

As the Helen Burnie sailed off on her first delivery contract to the Shetland Isles, Ben Wilson said: "The new boat has already created six new jobs, all local jobs, but there will be up to twelve jobs created on the island, depending on the contracts we secure".

Mr Wilson said: "Due to her versatility and high manoeuvrability we expect that Helen Burnie will be in great demand for a variety of renewable energy projects - from offshore wind farm work to tidal energy surveys. There is a lot of money going into these windfarms and I think it is a great opportunity for the West Coast to be involved in an industry which is attracting investment."